We envision a world where our high-power-density electric motors power airplanes cleanly and more efficiently, in a way that benefits the environment and lowers costs for operators and consumers. We foresee a world where the skies are as open as roads are today, allowing people to embark on journeys, and packages to be delivered, that might otherwise never have been made.


History teaches us that disruptions in aircraft design and transportation business models stem from revolutions in propulsion systems. magniX is working to revolutionize the way the world connects by transforming the way aircraft are powered.

magniX will shape culture by enabling lower cost, cleaner transport solutions and influence and inspire existing and new companies to go electric with a sustainable solution.


We have a passionate group of employees that have decided to change the world with us and create a legacy for their families, friends and communities. A legacy that will have launched a new era in air transportation. Our team includes members from Airbus, Astronics, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Google-X, GE Aviation, Liebherr, P&W, SpaceX, Tesla and others.


Roei Ganzarski

Roei leads magniX. Prior to magniX, Roei was CEO of BoldIQ, a global provider of dynamic real-time scheduling optimization software which, under Roei’s leadership, grew from a seed software startup to a profitable multi-million dollar SaaS company. Before BoldIQ, Roei was Chief Customer Officer for Boeing’s Flight Services division where he led all worldwide customer and market facing organizations. Other experiences prior to Boeing include private investment banking, corporate finance, advertising, and the military.

He is a graduate of Wharton’s Advanced Management Program, earned an MBA from the University of Washington, and a BA in Economics from The University of Haifa. Roei sits on the board of the Washington Technology Industry Association.

Scott Sandler

Leading manufacturing companies in automotive, aerospace and media, Scott has a rich mix of finance, operations and engineering experience. As an expert in revenue growth and operational efficiency, he has lead several finance divisions in companies like SpaceX, Ford and other exciting start ups.

Scott holds a masters in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT and an MBA from University of Michigan.

David Sercombe
Chief Design Engineer

David has a wealth of knowledge and experience in electric motor technology from Guina Developments/Guina Energy. He specializes in the design, modelling and prototyping of permanent magnet and superconducting motors and generators. He is one of the key driving forces behind the design and development of the magni series systems.

David earned his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) at University of Southern Queensland.

Caryn Niles
Chief of Staff

Caryn brings a broad range of professional experience to magniX. She has nine years of aerospace experience with Boeing, where she worked in Program Management for business development at Flight Services and in airplane development on the 777X Wing, where she oversaw the creation and implementation of a lifecycle management process for greenfield initiatives. Prior to that, she worked in marketing and consulting, served as a teacher to at-risk youth, and was a Peace Corps volunteer in China. Her specialty lies in promoting efficiency and real-world gains in complex, dynamic development environments. She is passionate about the environment and clean energy.

Caryn has a MA in International Law from George Washington University and a BA in Literature from the University of Texas at Austin.

Luciano Serra
Certification & Safety

Luciano leads certification and safety for magniX. He has significant experience in aerospace certification gained from working at industry leaders such as Embraer and Bombardier. Luciano’s experience spans different countries including Germany, Japan, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. He has advanced knowledge of airworthiness regulations worldwide, including aircraft Type Certification, design change approvals and operational requirements.

Luciano earned his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.

Daniel Charles
Special Projects

Daniel joined magniX to lead special projects. Before joining magniX, he worked on private equity investments for an international business group. Prior to that, he spent the last decade of his career working in motorsports in F1, Formula 3 and World Rally Racing in the area of marketing and business development. He has worked on projects with Fujitsu, Tony Robbins, Mobil 1 and 3M. He is excited to bring his marketing and business experience to promoting the future of electric flight.

Yaara Livne
Head of Talent and Engagement

Yaara leads Talent and Engagement at magniX. Yaara brings broad experience from the tech, legal and media industries. Prior to joining magniX, Yaara headed the US Operations and HR of an Israeli SaaS startup. Prior to that, she served as Legal Counsel at Keshet, a leading Israeli broadcasting company, and as a Litigation Attorney at a large law firm. She thrives in fast-paced environments and is passionate about people and business growth.

Yaara earned her Law degree (Cum Laude) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle has a rich history in Aviation and is home to our global HQ and US development center.

Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

The birthplace of our technology, the Gold Coast is home to our Australian engineering centre.